Photo Credit: Minal Kering

To all those who suffer silently, you are not alone!

Days and nights are long,

Don’t want to do anything,

Will this ever end?

Staring in the night,

Million thoughts passing me by,

No one to share with!

The world sees colours,

I see only black and white,

Where is the rainbow?

Life has no meaning,

Everything seems blank, want to

Find something to fill

I’ve tried it before,

Did not work out very well.

Will I smile again?

Want to try once more,

It’s unnerving I know, yet

I’ll do this for me.

Forget the past now

Show myself love and kindness

It is a new day!

Do little, feel good,

Do something more, feel better,

Every single day!

Reach out and connect,

Never know who’s listening,

Take that leap of faith!

I’ll take the first step,

Talk to someone known unknown,

Time to live again!



Minal Kering

Minal Kering

Counselor and Life Coach. Mentor to teens and young adults. Passionate about Sports, Books and Music. Travel Enthusiast.